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Adam Goodheart Reminds Us of What Life Was Like In "1861"

Civil War expert Adam Goodheart is the author of “1861,” which brings history to life with a gripping and original account of how the Civil War began. Don’t miss our Q&A with the historian.


Fine Art

How Ivan Schwartz Is Sculpting History

From the iconic statue of Lincoln with his horse standing outside Lincoln’s Cottage in DC, to Frederick Douglass outside the New York Historical Society, sculptor Ivan Schwartz captures history in bronze.



How I Came to Love History

Are you a history buff? Barbara Mitchell says her passion for the past started in college—and continues to help her in her work as an HR and hiring expert. How does she keep history relevant, and can you, too? Don’t miss her three tips.



David Bruce Smith Launches Grateful American™ Series Website and Asks: "How are you a Grateful American?"

In what ways do you consider yourself to be a Grateful American? That’s the question David Bruce Smith is investigating in his new Foundation through The Grateful American™ Series. We asked 13 citizens for their ideas and inspiration. And we want to hear from you!



The Power of Networking

If you don’t know what your next career should be, see which of these networking events might clarify your path:



Teachers Bring History to Life at Gilder Lehrman Institute

If you are a lover of primary sources, you’ll likely know the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. First Lady Laura Bush was the keynote at their 2014 gala, which also featured the students who have mastered the subject. How can they help your child learn to love history? Don’t miss our Q&A with exec director Lesley Herrmann.


PR Rules

Appreciate the Tension Between Reporters and Publicists

Since the Colonial era, there has been tension between reporters and publicists, politicians, and business leaders. How do we deal with this built-in tension today?


Public Speaking

22 Tips for Shining on TV

If being on TV is one of your goals—and it’s also your greatest fear—follow these tips from ArticulateRC founders Robin Miller and Hilary Blair to shine in front of the video camera.


Inkandescent Radio

History Comes to Life at the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution

The Center for the Constitution was established by The Montpelier Foundation in 2002 with a goal of becoming the nation’s leading resource in high-quality constitutional education. How are the directors accomplishing that mission? Click here to download the podcast.



Retirement and Women: Why Are So Many Older Women Living in Poverty?

Saving for retirement is challenging—but studies show it’s actually tougher for women, who all too often find themselves living in poverty during retirement. Financial adviser Carmen Wu offers insights.


Speakers Bureau

Government 2014—Meet Karen Hanrahan, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy and Human Rights

From Ambassador Richard Holbrooke to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Karen Hanrahan has worked for top government leaders.


Inkandescent TV

Introducing "The Grateful American™ TV Show"

If you love history, this show will excite you. If you like history, these episodes will educate you. If you are lukewarm about the Founding Fathers—prepare to be impressed! “The Grateful American™ TV Show: Restoring enthusiasm in American history, for kids and adults.


Truly Amazing Women™ Who Are Changing the World

Catherine Allgor Shares Insights About the Sensational Dolley Madison

In this edition of Truly Amazing Women, we feature two Inkandescent women: “America’s 1st First Lady,” Dolley Madison, and her biographer Catherine Allgor.



From "Star Wars" to Verizon: Videographer Dax Coley

Even when he was a kid, Dax Coley had a camera in his hand. “In middle school, I took pictures of my classmates, and edited them into a movie with a soundtrack.” As a professional, he’s worked for the Newseum and Verizon, and he’s now the new editor of InkandescentTV.



Wealth Management Rules: 12 Tips to Help You Harness Your Financial Know-How

What do you need to do to prepare for retirement? Rita Cheng explains.



Taste Thomas Jefferson's Wine on the Monticello Wine Trail

The wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail have all been inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s vision of winemaking. With this in mind, we invite you to discover the Birthplace of American Wine.