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Are You Ready to Advertise on TV?

Before you invest in TV ads, check out 8 tips from Erin Hood, an Emmy Award-winning producer, writer, and director in Washington, DC.



Are You Going to the IPPYs?

With 76 categories and regional awards for 8 US regions—not to mention a spectacular awards ceremony in NYC on the eve of BookExpo America—the IPPY Awards are an effective marketing tool for authors and publishers.



Hiring Expert Barbara Mitchell Shares a Page From Her Personal Playbook

Do you have a list of all the things you want to do in this lifetime? If not, you’ll be inspired to create one thanks to HR and hiring expert, author, entrepreneur, and world traveler Barbara Mitchell.



Erin Carlson Mast Takes Us Inside President Lincoln's Cottage

For American history buffs, visiting the home of a former president is thrilling—especially when it’s the home of a president as admired and beloved as Abraham Lincoln. Don’t miss our Q&A with the director of Lincoln’s Cottage.



10 Tips From Ana Dutra's "Onboarding" Playbook

“When we read about ‘onboarding,’ the entire responsibility for the success of a new hire is typically placed on the organization or on HR,” says leadership expert Ana Dutra. Here’s why this is wrong.



"Enchantment Is the Key to Marketing Success," Insists Guy Kawasaki

“Truly, the best way to make your marketing great is to have a great product,” says Guy Kawasaki. “Step two is to keep an empathetic perspective—don’t ask people to buy, register, or do anything that you wouldn’t do.”



Play a Round of Golf to Honor DebiJo Wheatley's Late Husband—and Benefit LLS: April 29

“We’ll be honoring Howard Wheatley at a joyful golf outing, and raising much-needed research dollars for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,” says DebiJo Wheatley. Grab your clubs and join her!


PR Rules

Lee Woodruff Helps Us Understand the Purpose of PR

Veteran PR expert, broadcast journalist, and author Lee Woodruff has spent her career working in the news—including a long career as a senior VP at one of the nation’s largest PR firms, Porter Novelli. Don’t miss her insights on what it takes to do PR like the pros.


Public Speaking

The Business of Breathing

“Whether you are speaking to a group—or just want to be heard by your employer, employees, or colleagues—being clear and believable are the keys to your success,” says public speaking guru Hilary Blair, of Articulate Real & Clear.


PR Rules

Step 7—Write a Book!

Why is it important to write a book? In this chapter of PR Rules: The Playbook, we offer in-depth insight into why it’s beneficial to pen a book.


Inkandescent Radio

Learning From the Past—Adam Goodheart Takes Us Back to "1861"

Goodheart wrote the New York Times best-seller, “1861,” and the forthcoming “1865,” two books that capture the stories of the people who fought and lived during the Civil War. Don’t miss his insights on what we can learn from this historically important era.



CFP® Michael Egan Offers 7 Tips to Remember Before You File Your 2013 Taxes

Are you forgetting something? Financial planner Michael Egan, a founding partner at Egan, Berger & Weiner, LLC in Northern VA explains what many people tend to overlook on their taxes.



Soles4Souls' Buddy Teaster Uses the Power of the Soft Sell

Countless pairs of used shoes and millions of pieces of clothing are donated to needy people worldwide. The bad news is, a lot of perfectly good items still get chucked. Here’s how Soles4Souls President Buddy Teaster uses the soft sell to change that.


Speakers Bureau

PR Workshops—Dive Into the 8 Steps to PR Success

No two PR firms will approach PR and marketing your business the same way. But, we all use the same tools in the PR toolbox. In this engaging, interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to use the 8 Steps to PR Success to set your business apart and maximize your visibility.


Inkandescent TV

The Art of Launching a Political Campaign

Reta Jo Lewis has been running for mayor of Washington, DC! Don’t miss our Q&A with the savvy, sophisticated government exec on the Truly Amazing Women TV Show.


Truly Amazing Women

Alyson Fox Is Having SeriousFun—And kids around the world that she works with are, too!

Helping kids with life-threatening illnesses have fun at summer camp is “pretty darn easy,” says Alyson Fox, director of the Global Partnership Program of the SeriousFun Children’s Network. Here’s how.



10 Strategies to Save You Money on Taxes—Today and in the Future

Are you waiting until the last minute to file your 2013 taxes? Don’t despair. Here’s a primer by CFP® Rita Cheng on ways to get ahead of the curve.