• April 2012

Crews Control's CEO Andrea Keating Finds Inspiration in "The Cloud"

By Andrea Keating
Founder and CEO
Crews Control

Like many other companies that are working with cutting-edge technology, Crews Control is excited about “the cloud.”

Many of us are already working in the cloud when we use Google docs, Twitter, Facebook, and our video favorite, YouTube.

That’s why we’re very pleased to announce that Scenios, a cloud-based software provider and a company on whose board I sit, has unveiled an enterprise edition of its cloud-based video production platform—the ideal place for corporate customers to manage their in-house video productions.

Scenios co-founder Jeff Wurtz says that customers can use the platform to store entire libraries of their video assets, as well as make use of the Scenios automated transcription technology to make their videos searchable by keyword.

“Our cloud software can also be used to manage enterprise libraries of video assets,” explains Wurtz, (pictured right), a five-time Emmy-award-winning video editor, who also serves as producer/director of Inside the Actors Studio.

“In fact, companies can use the enterprise edition of the Scenios platform as a cloud-based production center for information like scripts, scheduling, and budgets—and they can even upload rough cuts and final productions.”

TV networks and studios are already using the Scenios platform to manage their productions.

Click here to view the Scenios presentation on the profound impact that new cloud-based technologies will have on film and television production worldwide.

For more information, visit scenios.com.

Speaking of what inspires us at Crews Control, I am excited to introduce you to one of our clients, Monroe Oakley, an executive producer we have been working with since 1987.

In fact, people like Oakley inspire the team at Crews Control because he and others like him remind us that the key to success is strong collaboration.

“Crews Control has been a trusted resource that has helped us keep our corporate communications clients looking good on video,” says Oakley, noting that he has been a Crews Control client since before he co-founded his northern New Jersey firm, Pierce Communications, in 1990.

“At Pierce, we specialize in the creative side of video projects—how the videos look and sound—and we produce and direct them,” he adds. “So when it comes to hiring the crew, we look for videographers who insist on the highest quality, just like we do.”

Hiring teams that have been hired and vetted by Crews Control gives Oakley peace of mind. In fact, in the last several decades, as his needs have changed and his clients have become more international, working with the team at Crews Control has gotten even more mission-critical.

Consider a recent video shoot in Beijing.

“I was about to get on a plane for China when the client suddenly decided they needed additional video support,” Oakley explains. “It was a very last-minute plan that came up practically in the middle of the night, U.S. time. So I called Becky at Crews Control, and she just said, ‘I got you covered.’ She wasn’t kidding. As I was flying to Beijing, she worked out all the details. By the time I landed, a local crew was en route to meet me. She delivered, just as promised.”

With global clients that include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jaguar Land Rover, and Bayer Consumer Care, Oakley knows he can’t afford to make a mistake.

“When I work with video teams hired through Crews Control, I know that they’ll make me look good,” Oakley shares. “They understand what I need on each shoot, and always connect me with just the right shooter. And, if ever something isn’t 110 percent perfect, they are my sounding board and work tirelessly to resolve any issues.

“Working with Crews Control makes my life easy, and we are successful. I not only recommend them to colleagues—I recommend them to clients even when they don’t need us to be part of the video shoot. That’s how much confidence I have in Crews Control.”

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About Andrea Keating

Andrea Keating founded Crews Control in 1988 as the first film-and-video-crew staffing agency. Since then, the company’s focus has been to match each client with the perfect local crew for each specific shoot.

“That means we can offer our clients the quickest response time when they need to book a crew, and then provide the most dedicated customer service in the business,” she says.

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