• January 2012

Staging a New Year’s Resolution Revolution

By Laura Berger
Executive Coach and Principal,
The Berdéo Group

This year, like all others, I have a New Year’s resolution: I want to focus more on getting publicity for my business.

Writing this column is one example of this strategy, which I started in 2011 and plan to continue in 2012. I’ll also be adding additional outreach efforts to get in the news, expand my network, and increase my visibility so that more people know about my service.

Why does this work? Because I have chosen one thing in my personal and professional life to really focus on. If I keep it up, and stay dedicated, odds are very good that it will bear fruit.

But there is a problem. If I fail to be consistent, and let other aspects of my business and personal life interfere with my goal—I won’t accomplish it. That’s not news to you. But you may benefit from my strategies for persistent single-mindedness.

What can you do to ensure you stick with your New Year’s resolutions?

1. Know what you want.

I am focusing on publicity, but that can take many forms: media and blog mentions, television and radio appearances, bylined articles, and speaking engagements, to name a few. I know that if I have too many options, I’ll get distracted.

Revision: So my goal for 2012 is to appear on more radio shows.

2. Make sure your goal dovetails with your long-term business strategy.

So, how many radio shows do I want to appear on to feel like I have accomplished my goal? Let’s look back at my experience and history with radio talk shows. I got on two radio shows in 2010, and three in 2011. So if I get on 5 shows in 2012, will that be enough to generate more business for me? Probably not

Revision: I will focus on getting on 10 radio shows by the end of the year.

3. Could you do more?

Always. But what matters is not the quantity of shows I appear on as much as it is the fact that those shows are listened to by my target audience. While appearing on 10 shows in 12 months sounds like a good plan, what really matters is that I keep my eye on the ultimate goal—generating three new paying clients.

Revision: I will come up with 10 topics that I’d like to pitch radio hosts whose shows target my clients.

4. Do you really want it?

Now comes the really big question. Is radio publicity really what I want? Is it truly the way to get what I want (i.e.: more publicity and business)? Is this goal aligned with my core beliefs and patterns of enjoyment? Naah. What I really love is public speaking—in front of a group.

Revision: I will focus on landing one speaking engagement every two weeks with groups that include executives who will hire me as their coach.

5. Am I going to do this forever?

According to “Buddha’s Brain,” by Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius, the human mind likes flexibility. And it really hates being boxed in. So not putting an end date on a commitment to speak publicly twice a month makes me feel trapped. Eek!

Revision: I will focus on getting one speaking engagement every two weeks in 2012, then reconsider my strategy next December to see if I still want to do this in 2013.

6. How do I go about attaining my goal?

Remember, “Pete and rePete?” Using the punch line of that popular joke is really a great way to accomplish goals and stay on track. Simply repeat your goal as often as possible to reinforce it. Write it down on a Post-it note and tack it to your bathroom mirror so you can look at your goal morning, noon, and night.

Symbols are also incredibly powerful reminders that can motivate you because they are vessels for aspiration. So rather than having it float out there in the ether, give your goal shape and form by choosing a symbol that weaves your objective into your everyday life.

Here’s mine: I am a devout tea drinker, and every day for the last eight years have had my tea from a “savor mug.” With each sip, it reminds me to savor the moments in life.

7. Be passionate.

The key to having a goal that will stick is to make it something that you genuinely want and are passionate about. So be brutally specific with as many details of your goal as possible. Know how much you want, when you want it to manifest, and what you are going to do (in specific detail) to make it come to fruition. Then repeat your goal at least three times a day.

8. Let your resolve evolve!

If you stick to your plan, I am confident that this will be the perfect recipe for a New Year’s revolution. And please, let me know how it goes: lberger@berdeogroup.com. Happy 2012!

About Laura Berger

An executive advisor and founder of The Berdéo Group, Laura Berger has 15 years of experience as a consultant advising leadership in the areas of global operations management and strategy, project and change management, and solution development and implementation. She is a confidant of CEOs and senior executives who consistently realize their potential as leaders by seeing their companies flourish.

Having worked with many Fortune 500 companies, she counts among her clients leaders at JPMorgan Chase, State Farm Insurance, United Airlines, General Motors, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, McDonald’s Corporation, American Hospital Association, Leo Burnett Worldwide, Starcom MediaVest Group, and Walt Disney World.

Her ease and zeal for building lasting relationships, acquaintances, and productive introductions between people is her personal trademark. She has stretched her own spirit and will to combine her passions with her professional pursuits, and she shows others how to live true to their core.

Berger exemplifies this commitment to the life path in a book she is co-writing with her husband, Glen Tibaldeo. The book chronicles the humorous side of the successes and challenges they experienced living in the remote jungles of Costa Rica.

For more information, visit www.berdeogroup.com.