• June 2016

Professional Skier Aidan Sheahan Finds Soaring Success With "Insight"

Aidan Sheahan’s FLWSTATE is a way of life. “It’s not what you do but how you do it,” says the 24-year-old professional skier who focuses on being mindful and navigating this world with two feet planted firmly on the ground.

Taught yoga and meditation by his mom Tara Sheahan, a former Olympic-skier, he uses his daily practice to stay centered amidst life’s many distractions. Through FLWSTATE, he helps others do the same.

“From sports to art to work, we believe all people have the ability to connect to their flowstate — a state of total awareness,” he explains. “It’s where all your senses are heightened. Where your mind becomes still. Where you’re focused purely on the present moment.”

The reason is simple, he insists. “Being in this state amplifies your experience. It increases your abilities, fading the background noise of distraction. So our message is simple: we want to inspire people to live the life they love by connecting with their flowstate, whatever that may be. Thrive now.”

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About the video

Vital Films presents “INSIGHT” with Aidan Sheahan. In association with Altitude Filmworks and Aspen/Snowmass, “Insight” shows a unique look into skiing and the power forged within the athletes mind. As action sports athletes must push themselves physically, they also must equally push themselves mentally.

Aidan says: “Action sports are a mental game. Every trick, variation and landing is generated in your mind as a vision or dream of what you want to do next.”

“Insight” was shot in Aspen/Snomwass terrain parks, using remote controlled drones and a Cineflex Camera. Vital Films is also proud to produce & edit all films using renewable solar energy.

Music by The Grouch “Lighthouses” from “The Tortoise And The Crow Project,” therealgrouch.com

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