• September 2014

Tap Into Your Intuition: Celia Im Helps Us Attain Wellness By Enhancing Our Creativity

By Celia Im, PhD
Lighting the Creative Spark

When we rang in 2010 at midnight on January 1, I was excited because we were beginning a new decade filled with the opportunity to create a new reality for our work life, love life, and goals for the future. It may sound trite, but just as I always loved the start of a new school year — I love the freshness of a new year for it also gives us the chance to shed our old ideas, pains and failures.

Of course, such a shedding is never easy because it’s far too comfortable to rely on our old habits. But many people come to realize that bettering themselves and living more fully the life they want is not just a nice idea — it is critical to their happiness.

I’ve watched as hundreds of clients struggle with this idea, and as soon as they begin to trust the creative force inside they have new insights into themselves. They realize what is frustrating them, what old memories or beliefs are holding them back. And with this knowledge and understanding, they begin to reshape their world.

The key is to access our creative resources.

How do we do this? It’s actually easier than you might think.

In my practice, I use music and imagery as a way to help people clear and pass through the things that are holding them back from success and happiness. In the last decade I’ve seen hundreds of clients and watched them work through this process and I have found that there are basic seven stages that we all go through in our lives — wellness, creativity, empowerment, intuition, vision, wholeness, and expression.

How does the music help? This aspect of my business comes from my first career as a concert pianist. In addition to performing around the country, I taught at the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, where I received my Doctorate of Musical Arts after graduating from Oberlin Conservatory. I also taught at the University of Maryland and George Mason University.

The degree that has helped me to help others, though, was the certificate I earned at the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music.

After several years of using classical pieces of music to help my clients make their breakthroughs, I began creating CDs of my own music. Interestingly, they have helped to guide my clients and friends through the stages of wellness to expression even more quickly.

In this series of seven articles that I’ll be writing for Be Inkandescent, I’ll tackle each step and offer ideas on how to tap into those internal creative resources. Here’s an overview:

Stage I
Step 1. Wellness: Stress to Relaxation
Step 2. Creativity: Limitation to Freedom
Step 3. Empowerment: Fear to Courage

Stage II
Step 4. Intuition: Separation to Connection
Step 5. Vision: Inside to Outside

Stage III
Step 6. Wholeness: Duality to Oneness
Step 7. Expression: Vision to Action

It may appear simple, but by digging deeply into each of these seven elements, the ability to transform is incredibly powerful. Tune in next month for the first in the series of articles when I’ll explain how my clients have attained Wellness: Moving from Stress to Relaxation — and taken the first step in a powerful process. Be well!


Dr. Celia Im is the founder of the unique personal development program “Lighting the Creative Spark,” which is a transformational tool that uses music to awaken, enlighten, and empower clients so they can release old negative patterns that are keeping them from being happy, healthy, and effective.

Celia is an international award-winning musician and has taught on the faculties of Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland and George Mason University. Her degrees include a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Peabody Conservatory, Bachelor’s Degree from Oberlin Conservatory and she holds a certification in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music.

In her workshops, seminars, conferences and retreats, she uses a seven-step transformational process to guide business leaders, politicians, artists, and others to achieve a greater sense of wellness, creativity and leadership.

“The music,” she says, “is the key to unlock old memories and beliefs. “It’s what helps people go more deeply inside their unconscious to find their true passions and talents.”

For more information, visit Celia’s website www.celiaim.com.