• March 2015

Hope Katz Gibbs + Kathleen McCarthy Offer Their Playbook to Entrepreneurs

What people are saying about “PR Rules: The Playbook”

  • “I have a couple of new authors ask me every day, ‘How do I get my book out into the marketplace?’ and now I have the perfect tool to recommend. Anyone who wants to improve the way they promote their products, their businesses, or themselves should read this book.”Jim Barnes, editor and Book Awards director, IndependentPublisher.com
  • “Hope Katz Gibbs is far less pathetic, incompetent, and shameless than most PR people. Her book actually contains some smart advice, not that any of those clueless frauds will take it.”Gene Weingarten, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Washington Post columnist; and author of “Flack Yourself,” the Preface of “PR Rules: The Playbook”

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PR Rules: The Playbook—The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Supersizing Your Small Business

So you’ve started a company, and you have big ambitions for it — but you don’t have a PR budget to match. Should you blow your marketing budget trying to get featured in The Wall Street Journal? Throw a party and hand out discount coupons to attendees? Or skip PR and marketing all together and trust that word of mouth will be sufficient to let potential customers know about your business?

The answer, says PR expert Hope Katz Gibbs, is none of the above.

“The simple fact is that many small-business owners can’t afford to hire a PR agency,” Gibbs realizes. “So they need the most affordable, least time-consuming way to promote their business.” That’s why she penned PR Rules: The Playbook—The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Supersizing Your Small Business With the 8 Steps to PR Success.

Available at www.PRRulesPlaybook.com, this 176-page interactive guidebook offers her trademark 8 Steps to PR Success, which any small-business owner (SBO) can immediately put into action.

“Being quoted in the news is not enough to generate the buzz a company needs to grow,” insists Gibbs, a journalist-turned-PR specialist, who has helped hundreds of business owners increase their visibility since founding Inkandescent Public Relations in 2001.

Packed with easy-to-follow tips that SBOs can start implementing immediately, suggestions from experts, and thought-provoking exercises, “PR Rules: The Playbook” is the most essential of tools: a hands-on primer for how to create and manage a strong PR and marketing campaign.

Now, every entrepreneur who wants to take a DIY approach to PR can take a page from Gibbs’ playbook.

Beautifully crafted with hundreds of illustrations by award-wining designer/illustrator Michael Gibbs, the book’s three sections present the same techniques that the Inkandescent PR team uses so successfully with clients:

  • Part 1: Understanding the PR Playing Field. What’s the difference between PR, marketing, advertising, social media, and sales? Eight well-known experts in each industry explain the tools of the trade.
  • Part 2: The 8 Steps to PR Success. Discover how to create a stunning website, master the art of newsletter writing, get in the news, and more — with hands-on exercises you can play with, master, and apply to your own business.
  • Part 3: Case Studies and Inkandescent Insights. Learn from eight successful entrepreneurs, including Life is good, Inc., co-founder Bert Jacobs; Tony Award-winning playwright Ridley Pearson; Chemistry.com questionnaire creator Helen Fisher; and Fast Company magazine co-founder Alan Webber, a 2014 candidate for governor of New Mexico.

There’s more.

“PR Rules: The Playbook” also provides insights into what it means to grow a small business while managing your emotions.

“This is something women in particular can benefit from, as they tend to base their decisions on EQ, or emotional intelligence, as well as IQ,” Gibbs suggests.

“The difference between a successful PR campaign and one that falls flat is finessing the tools with style and grace while knowing what to do each day to maximize your visibility,” she concludes. “The result: your business glows, and grows.”

PR Rules: The Playbook—The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Supersizing Your Small Business With the 8 Steps to PR Success, by Hope Katz Gibbs and co-author Kathleen McCarthy, is 176 pages and was published in 2014. It’s $24.95 from www.PRRulesPlaybook.com.

About Author Hope Katz Gibbs

Journalist, publicist, author, and entrepreneur Hope Katz Gibbs — founder of The Inkandescent Group, LLC — has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, educators, authors, and small-business owners increase their visibility through her PR and book publishing services.

Gibbs has won awards for her feature articles and columns, which have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Miami Herald, Costco Connection, and dozens of other business, education, and general-interest magazines, newsletters, and blogs. Read her clips at HopeGibbs.com.

A University of Pennsylvania alumna, Gibbs entered the PR business in 2001, when she put to work her graduate studies in educational leadership at The George Washington University and became the director of communication for the City of Fairfax Schools in Northern VA. Soon after, her PR client list expanded to include the international futurist think tank Social Technologies, based in her stomping ground of Washington, DC. Published in August 2014, “PR Rules: The Playbook,” is the first book published through Inkandescent Publishing Company. Learn more at InkandescentPR.com.

See the bios for co-author Kathleen McCarthy and illustrator/designer Michael Gibbs.

Here’s what even more people are saying about PR Rules: The Playbook—The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Supersizing Your Small Business With the 8 Steps to PR Success

Ana Dutra, CEO, Mandala Global Advisors, and former CEO, Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting:

  • “In ‘PR Rules,’ Hope Katz Gibbs delivers an extraordinary PR and marketing playbook in a pragmatic, clear, and humorous way. Hope’s advice and experience will help not only entrepreneurs and small-business owners, but any executive who wants to leverage PR, social media, and marketing in a laser-focused and effective way. She removes the clutter and confusion from PR, helping readers to craft a PR strategy that centers on what really matters for each individual and company. A must-read for any professional who wants to dramatically increase their exposure and impact in the marketplace.”

Sharon Armstrong, author, The Essential HR Handbook; founder, Sharon Armstrong and Associates:

  • “Although most small businesses know they need good public relations, many aren’t sure exactly what it is or how to get it. Gibbs and McCarthy break down the PR process into simple, easy-to-follow steps designed to create favorable publicity for your company, enhance your reputation in the marketplace, and ultimately get more customers in the door. This is an excellent resource for any entrepreneur — clear, concise, and actionable. I consider it a must-read for all small-business owners.”

Andrea Arroyo, fine artist, www.AndreaArroyo.com:

  • “I found Hope Katz Gibbs’ book to be a comprehensive public relations guide. Hope is truly an expert in her field, and this book is a must-read for all entrepreneurs.”

Jim Barnes, editor and Book Awards director, IndependentPublisher.com:

  • “I have a couple of new authors ask me every day, ‘How do I get my book out into the marketplace?’ and now I have the perfect tool to recommend. This book is filled with great advice, well organized and concise, with a lively design that makes it fun and easy to read. Anyone who wants to improve the way they promote their products, their businesses, or themselves should read this book.”

Bryan Beatty, CFP®, partner, Egan, Berger & Weiner, LLC:

  • “You need a game plan on how to stand out and how to get noticed. ‘PR Rules’ will help you understand the new world of PR. It is a must-read for any busy and aspiring business owner.”

Stephanie Bhonslay, owner, GardenU:

  • “‘PR Rules’ provides the absolutely essential information required for small businesses to grow in the 21st century.”

Chris Carbone, futurist, on Twitter @cwcarbone:

  • “‘PR Rules’ is part practical workbook and part inspirational guide. With it, Hope Gibbs and her team have created a rare thing — a business book that you can get fired up about. They help you turn your big business ideas from what’s possible into actionable items. I know from experience that their 8 Steps to PR Success is a strategy that works.”

Kristine Carlson, author, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms:

  • “When it comes to not sweating the small stuff, Hope Gibbs’ “PR Rules” provides an easy-to-navigate primer that takes the guesswork out of public relations. Indeed, having good PR is critical for any small business. And having PR advisers you can trust is equally important. This guidebook does the trick. I highly recommend it.”

Rita Cheng, CFP®, CEO, Blue Ocean Global Wealth, and author, Wealth Management Rules:

  • “Hope Katz Gibbs’ and Kathleen McCarthy’s innovative and powerful ‘Playbook’ is indispensable because it offers practical, easy-to-implement advice. And, it provides a road map not only to PR success — but to business success. You will absolutely enjoy the tactics and strategies that worked for other entrepreneurs, including myself. The editing work they did with my book, Wealth Management Rules, is proof.”

Meg Cox, reporter, The Wall Street Journal:

  • “Hope Katz Gibbs really knows the PR business and tapped top experts to produce an extremely practical and accessible guide.”

Stefani Cuschnir, business development manager:

  • “I have worked with Hope Katz Gibbs on a variety of engagements over the past 10 years, from commercial printing projects to start-ups and a few corporate PR campaigns. Her diligence, integrity, and vision for management, entrepreneurs, and all levels of a business have helped guide her clients to success. This book is a compilation of her work experience and insights from the fascinating professionals she has worked with, and it reflects her strength in the field of public relations.”

Lisa Farrell, sales account executive:

  • “‘PR Rules’ takes the guessing out of the PR process equation. Based on the advice from nearly 100 experts and entrepreneurs, you’ll learn the secrets you need to know that will lead you down the path to entrepreneurial success. Buy a copy for every small-business owner that you know!”

Lou Ferrante, author, Mob Rules: What the Mafia can teach the legitimate businessman:

  • “Best how-to book ever written on PR! Hope Katz Gibbs is an expert in the field and her book should be mandatory reading for every small-business owner. Small-business owners are by nature do-it-yourselfers. And yet, many spend tens of thousands on PR. Hope’s do-it-yourself book is the last investment you should make on PR. A must-read!”

Sonya Gavankar, broadcast journalist, the “Face of the Newseum,” and Miss District of Columbia 1997:

  • “The publicity game has changed, and this guide will easily become the playbook for the new phase of the public relations industry. Hope’s ‘PR Playbook’ is the guide for the businessperson searching for the spotlight and the entrepreneur needing focus as they create a business plan. Hope leverages her career and personal experience as well as the wealth of her human capital of knowledge and puts it all in one easy-to-navigate place.”

Robyn Henderson, networking strategist, Australia:

  • “‘PR Rules: The Playbook’ is filled with practical, affordable ideas to fast-track PR, media exposure, and results. Every chapter is brimming with stacks of really useful tips and tactics. Well done.”

Eileen Hull, “The Queen of Crafts,” and creator, #PaperTrail Teaching Tour:

  • “I did not want to stop reading ‘PR Rules: The Playbook!’ It is full of practical tips on using PR to build your brand and take it to the next level. Why re-invent the wheel? Gibbs and McCarthy have your back. Buy the book, take notes, and turn them into actionable next steps for your business. Excellent resource that every entrepreneur should keep close at hand.”

Caroline Leavitt, New York Times best-selling author, “Is This Tomorrow,” and Pictures of You:

  • “Great PR can help a book find and grow an audience. I know personally how much Hope Katz Gibbs has done for me, and this book is going to stay on my desk!”

Janice Miller, School Board chairman, City of Fairfax Schools:

  • “Message is essential, and hiring the right person to get your message out is equally important. Hope Katz Gibbs served our schools extremely well as the director of communications. She’s hard-working, smart, savvy, clever, and creative — all in one classy package. Her ‘just right’ public relations moves put our schools on the right track.”

Jeff Moore, former owner, ACT College:

  • “The crisis management expertise, thoroughness, and dedication that Inkandescent PR provided during the unexpected and very difficult closure of our school was tremendous. When it seemed the world was against me, Hope Gibbs listened to me, believed in me, and helped me tell the story from my point of view. I am truly grateful for her help!”

Peter J. Noonan, EdD, superintendent, City of Fairfax Schools:

  • “Sometimes in leadership positions, we become so focused on the mission and vision that we forget the importance of communicating effectively about it to ensure broad understanding and investment. ‘PR Rules: The Playbook’ offers practical ideas that I’ve been incorporating into my work since I started working with Hope Gibbs in 2002. Her field guide will be useful to many others who now have the benefit of learning from her expertise.”

Lisa Rueff, founder, Yogaventures, and executive director, Do It For The Love Foundation:

  • “Hope Katz Gibbs has created a must-read — an extensive and excellent resource for all business owners. So much thought, care, and attention to detail have gone into this book. Every business owner should read this book. Their business will thrive as a result. Thank you, Hope, for your dedication and guidance.”

Gina Schaefer, founder, Ace Hardware DC:

  • “I have really enjoyed reading ‘PR Rules’ and have dog-eared most of it! Hope gives us bite-size chunks of good advice. Each of the profiles offers practical advice, real-life experiences, and great information for business owners in all industries and at all levels. I highly recommend it.”

Darren Slaughter, advertising executive, Philadelphia:

  • “For the busy small-business owner, time is short. When it comes to educating yourself, you have to read books that teach from people who are doing. Hope’s book is packed with tips, tricks, and advice from people who are executing at a high level who can help you get there.”

David Bruce Smith, author and publisher, David Bruce Smith Publications, creator, The Grateful American™ Series:

  • “If you want to learn how to have significant success, you must read this book.”

Dr. Esther Sternberg, author and research director, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, at the University of Arizona at Tucson:

  • “This engagingly written and practical book combines biographical sketches and personal narratives with bulleted pointers gleaned from the individual experiences of the subjects interviewed. I especially enjoyed the ’8 Steps in Action’ section in Part 3 of the book, in which Gibbs distills common themes for success that can be applied by anyone seeking to expand his or her small business.”

Buddy Teaster, president and CEO, Soles4Souls.org:

  • “Hope comes at life and business with a powerful combination of head and heart. She understands that it takes both elements to get the most out of whatever you’re doing, including PR. Excellent road map to engaging your audience from all perspectives!”

Janet Terry, writer/producer, WUSA9, Washington, DC:

  • “Hope Katz Gibbs is a master of public relations. If anyone can help you understand the rules of PR and help your business benefit, it is Hope. I’ve known her for years. She is smart, bold, and innovative and stands out in a very competitive field.”

Jennie L. Walker, PhD, PHR, director of Global Learning & Market Development at the Najafi Global Mindset Institute, Thunderbird School of Global Management:

  • “‘PR Rules: The Playbook’ brings public relations in the digital age to life through examples, narratives, and case studies that engage and inspire. Hope Katz Gibbs has created more than just a ‘how-to’ book; she has captured voices of experience and wisdom in the field for the benefit of those who want to pump up their PR strategies.”

Alan Webber, co-founder, Fast Company magazine, and 2014 candidate for governor of New Mexico:

  • “Back when I wrote ‘Rules of Thumb,’ Hope interviewed me for the cover of her business magazine and did a great job. Now she’s written the Rules of Thumb for PR — and it is an absolute winner! This book is a must-read for every small-business owner. Buy it, read it, and do what it says!”

Gene Weingarten, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and Washington Post columnist:

  • “Hope Katz Gibbs is far less pathetic, incompetent, and shameless than most PR people. Her book actually contains some smart advice, not that any of those clueless frauds will take it.”

Lee Woodruff, veteran PR expert, broadcast journalist, and best-selling author of In An Instant:

  • “In a digital age where the rules of PR seem to be broken or changed every week, ‘PR Rules’ offers concise, clear, and usable information from industry experts on how to move forward in an ever-changing marketing terrain. Even a PR veteran like myself can learn something from this book by Hope Katz Gibbs and her team.”

Order PR Rules: The Playbook—The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Supersizing Your Small Business With the 8 Steps to PR Success, 176 pages, for $24.95 from www.PRRulesPlaybook.com.

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