• October 2014

Edemir Rossi on the Art and Power of Meditation

When it comes to tapping into your intuition, it’s helpful to have tools that enable you to go deeper into the practice, knows Edemir Rossi, a Brazilian who for decades has been teaching what he calls “practical spirituality.”

“It opens the soul and reconnect us to our own unique center and purpose,” believes Rossi, who has studied Zen Buddhism, the energetic healing arts, Shamanism, and neuroscience, as well as the Eastern and Western philosophies of meditation.

“I use my education and abilities to help open individual and group spiritual consciousness,” he says. ”My goal is to help each person I work with to be more fully in tune with guidance from their Higher Self.”

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Be Inkandescent: How do you define intuition?

Edemir Rossi: First of all, intuition is something that everybody has. It’s part of our personality, but usually people don’t know how to use intuition, or rather, they don’t trust in their intuition. I believe that intuition comes from our higher consciousness. It’s not about thinking—it’s about feeling, it’s about faith. So, because people don’t have this background, they are afraid to believe in their intuition. Sometimes rationally a situation seems one way, but if you start paying attention to your feelings, the situation can look different. And so you can choose how to act based on the rational knowledge and the feelings that you have.

Be Inkandescent: So how do you know when your intuition is kicking in? And how can people tap into their intuition on a regular basis?

Edemir Rossi: Intuition is very practical; you can use it for everything. For example, if you go to a restaurant and look through the menu, you can focus on rational thoughts about what to order. “Yesterday, I ate meat, so today, this and that would be good for me to eat.” But if you stop this process and just consult inside you—your soul, your heart—you will discover what is the best food for you to eat right now.

Usually if you follow your intuition, you will be completely satisfied, and not only in terms of the food you order in a restaurant! There is no mistake when you follow your intuition; that’s why sacred books say you need to have faith. Faith means to me that you need to trust first in yourself, second in your intuition.

Be Inkandescent: Do you think that people who are very religious resist tapping into their intuition, does it seem too mystical? Or does it seem to tap right into their beliefs?

Edemir Rossi: It doesn’t matter to people who use intuition whether they are religious people, or secular people. What matters is that even simple people who live in nature have great intuition. That’s what they do, because they follow their instincts, their innate sense of knowing from deep inside. It’s connected to a higher level of consciousness, and because they don’t have blocks, they feel that immediately. In Western society, because we have learned to be fearful and not to trust out instincts, we block our intuition. We try to analyze everything, but analysis only goes so far.

Be Inkandescent: Tell us a little about your background and what it is that you do.

Edemir Rossi: My gift is to do healing, meaning I help people to connect within themselves, and help them grow, and help them get better. I am not an aura reader, but when I am doing healing, I may need some information that the person doesn’t give me, information that even the person doesn’t know.

Be Inkandescent: Like what?

Edemir Rossi: Traumas, for example. Sometimes the person has suffered a trauma that the person has to block because it can be very painful. When I do readings, I can sometimes sense this and tap into that trauma, which is usually connected to one part of the body. Memories stay in the body and the cells, so if you touch that part with some energy, then it comes up. Then, I can help them release what’s holding the pain and memories. In the process, I find out what happened to that person, how that person got to where they are today, and what that person has developed, as well as the nature of the block that the person has.

Be Inkandescent: So what was your path? How old were you when you first started this journey of becoming a spiritual healer?

Edemir Rossi: Since I was a child, I had a wish to help people and to help them grow and uncover their gifts, and to help them be happy. My life has not been planned out—I just follow my intuition and follow the signs that the universe gives me.

Be Inkandescent: So where did that take you? From Brazil to where?

Edemir Rossi: It took me to many places! It took me to Japan to study Zen Buddhism, and I went to Russia to learn from healers there, and I have studied many other philosophies and mythologies in addition to my own Christian background.

Be Inkandescent: What brought you to the United States?

Edemir Rossi: There are good healers here, and good channels. There are many systems of yoga to help people develop. There are styles of yoga based on channeling feelings, navigating the mind through meditation, and getting inside through knowledge. There are so many different people in the world, and different kinds of philosophies make sense to different people.

Be Inkandescent: How do people tap into their own intuition? How can they recognize when there is a block, or how to stop feeling fearful, whether about their business or personal life?

Edemir Rossi: There is only one way to overcome fear: Face the fear and understand. You can also just take actions that are beyond the fear, which takes faith. But faith is based in understanding and in knowledge. And since your faith is connected with wisdom or intuition, following your wisdom will take you in a good direction.