• June 2014

Struggling With Sales and Strategy? Yvette Montero Salvatico Says, "This is the age of opportunity."

Futurist Yvette Montero Salvatico is the former head of the Future Workforce Insights division at The Walt Disney Company.

There, she led the effort to establish an internal area of Strategic Foresight expertise, dedicated to identifying future workforce trends and assessing their potential impact on human capital strategies.

In 2011, she joined futurist Frank Spencer, as a principal at Kedge, a foresight and futures, innovation, creativity, and strategic design consultancy.

Salvatico is an experienced speaker, addressing large audiences on topics such as business policy, diversity, and foresight. “In the 21st Century world of complex ideas and practices, successful leaders, businesses, and entrepreneurs must learn to adapt, be resilient and flexible, and create transformational strategy,” she says.

To watch to Yvette in action, click here to download her Keynote speech at the Communication Media Management Association (CMMA) Conference.

And to listen to Yvette talk about the Generations, click here to download her Linkage webinar entitled, Seeing Generations in the Workforce Through a New Lens.

Praise for Yvette Montero Salvatico

Richard Ramsey, Global HR Executive with Experience in Digital and Physical Media Distribution, Consumer Products, and Hospitality, Global Project Lead at Walt Disney International

“If you are trying to make sense of the future, find innovative solutions and opportunities, and take action to position your organization not just for survival but growth, then hire Yvette Montero Salvatico,” Ramsey says. “Her work is transformative and energizing, yet anchored in tools and processes that should satisfy the most ardent pragmatist. They will help you to THINK BIG and DO BIG. I recently watched her present to a large crowd of process-oriented system professionals who went from sitting back in their chairs with crossed arms to leaning across the table while shouting about replacing themselves with bio-engineered databots. If you are ready to challenge your ideas about the future and your opportunity to prepare for it, she’s the futurist who can take you there.”

Yvette’s Speaking Topics

Having facilitated keynotes on the topic for hundreds of audiences, Yvette Salvatico is an expert in the discussion of the future of talent and learning in the workplace. Specifically, her experience at Disney included creating and leading its “Workforce of the Future initiative,” which provided her with a unique perspective on how to make trends, research, and foresight actually work in the real world.

Five Trend Clusters Around the Future of Talent and Learning

In this keynote, Salvatico shares how managing talent in these “postnormal” times requires new approaches and mindsets. Trends in society, technology, and the economy are all converging in unexpected ways, forever changing the way people view work. The organizations and institutions that anticipate this value shift and make the appropriate course adjustments will be positioned to profit from the opportunities that result.

Those that remain tied to current business practices will likely fail. Using Strategic Foresight tools and methodologies, Salvatico has created a glimpse into the future of talent much clearer than we could get from any crystal ball. This view is the result of Kedge’s environmental scanning analysis and is presented in five trend clusters.

Generation Cohort: The Postnormal Shift to a Holistic Workforce

In this keynote, Salvatico discusses how the transformational shift in society and business—along with the convergence of emerging technology, social change, and entirely new landscapes of complexity—are causing the well-defined concept of the socio-historical generation to begin to fade. Generations are giving way to passion-oriented cohorts.

In a new world where resilience and flexibility are king, the meshing of social tech and collaborative communities is not only allowing open-source ideas and grassroots initiatives to thrive, but is rallying individuals from across the generations to activities of like-passions. While there are still Boomers, Gen Xers, Gen Y, and whatever the next generation is being called (Gen Z, Alpha-Gen, Gen Next, Gen Kill, Plurals), the lines are increasingly blurring in the face of what many are now recognizing as a new stage in human development. Salvatico will share how your organization can capitalize on this shift and move from generational warfare to generational harmony.

The Future of Talent Management: Three Immersive Scenarios to 2020

In this presentation, Salvatico will share insights from a one-of-a-kind experiential scenario session leveraging three immersive narratives about the future of talent. Using video, social media, and design fiction, the scenarios will transport your team 15 years into the future and allow team members to actively explore how their strategies today may or may not be effective in the future.

The FLIPPED Keynote: Exploring the Trends Shaping the Future Employment Environment

This one-of-a-kind presentation offers a twist on the traditional keynote. Instead of an expert delivering one-way content to a passive audience, the FLIPPED keynote puts the participants to work—providing them a hands-on opportunity to explore the external trends and make connections to their HR strategy development process. In FLIPPED, participants will be guided in a group exercise using trend cards to identify and understand the themes that are shaping the employment environment of the future.

Upon completing a FLIPPED session, participants:

  • Gain knowledge of emerging trends and weak signals in entertainment, technology, and human capital arenas
  • Explore the three scanning environments: macro (social, technological, economic, environmental, political), meta (industry specific), and micro (organization-specific) and understand why each is critical to robust strategy development
  • Learn how to successfully identify future trends and weak signals as well as make sense of their impact

Innovation in the 21st Century

In this era of rapid and accelerating change, it is impossible to innovate well without developing long-term thinking and discovering alternative futures. When companies instill foresight and futures thinking into their culture, they are able to see the possibilities and opportunities that are on the horizon. Kedge uses foresight, design, and strategic action to create aspirational futures for leaders and businesses, and Salvatico shares those insights in order to help you make resilient innovation and transformational invention a part of their culture.

The Age of Opportunity: The New Era of Innovation for Business, Technology, and Society

In this presentation, Salvatico shares the new rules of innovation in the 21st Century which require:

  • A converging of previously siloed disciplines and ideas to create new and unique concepts;
  • The embracing of complexity as a means to opportunity discovery;
  • Building new organizational, economic, and political models that serve human development instead of the other way around;
  • Embracing the reality of accelerating technology that is leveling the global playing field and creating new markets with each passing day; planning for “generative cities” as innovation hubs that will solve our grandest of challenges; and
  • Preparing for the deluge of worldwide entrepreneurs and innovators who are reinventing the entire concept of consumption, work, technology, and business as we know it.

Introduction to Wicked Opportunities

In this presentation, Salvatico will offer an overview of Kedge’s trademarked offering that helps leaders to embrace the increasing complexity as a birthplace from which to create new ideas, new products and services, and new solutions to global business challenges.

Wicked Opportunities are the unique and unseen possibilities that are created by the new, developing, and complex situations presented through wicked problems. Salvatico will share how teams from across multiple disciplines in your organization can harness the power of meshing those different areas of expertise to create the “sweet spot” that’s only possible from transdisicplinary collaboration. Click here to see the motion graphic for the Wicked Opportunities program.

Building an Organizational Culture of Future Thinkers

In today’s environment of rapid change, accelerating technology, and shifting business models, developing an in-house foresight competency is critical to both short- and long-term success. In this suite of presentations, Salvatico combines her experience at Disney with the work she’s doing at her new firm, Kedge, LLC, which specializes in developing the key 21st century critical skills of innovation and creativity as core competencies within organizations.

So You Want to Create the Future? A Futures Primer

The power of Strategic Foresight lies not primarily in its tools and methodologies, but in its ability to alter minds and perspectives. In this presentation, Salvatico provides an introduction to Strategic Foresight and showcases how it can help your organization to uncover emerging trends and issues that will impact your business, discover unseen opportunities for strategic development and advantage, and thrive in a world of complex ideas and practices.

Developing a Future-Fit Organization: Corporate Case Studies on the Creation of a Foresight Culture

In this keynote, Salvatico will provide an overview of the Kedge Foresight Competency toolkit that includes uniform Strategic Foresight methods as well as unique results-focused approaches. These methods offer both a systematic and creative way for a team to develop a futures thinking culture across the organization and produce an action-oriented platform. With an integrated, holistic approach, firms can create a foresight competency that has the ability to truly alter their organizational culture. It is through the creation of such a culture of futures thinkers that business processes are transformed, innovation is inspired, and profit targets are surpassed.

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