• January 2014

Meet Video Editor Dan Steinmetz

Dan Steinmetz, a freelance video editor and broadcast designer living in the Washington, DC, metro area, prides himself on creating high-quality content under tight deadlines.

From a young age, Steinmetz has had a strong passion for storytelling and creative problem-solving. He quickly learned that in post-production, both of these skills are vital.

After obtaining his BFA in Film and Television from the Savannah College of Art and Design, he moved to DC to focus on documentary television. He landed a gig at Discovery Channel’s Digital Media Department, where he honed his skills in editing and graphics to assist in creating of some of the Discovery Channel’s most compelling short-form content.

Among his projects are “American Chopper,” “Cake Boss,” “What Not to Wear,” and “Deadliest Catch.”

While there he won several accolades, including a Best Editing Webby for a short form series profiling the vehicles used in Discovery’s hit show, “Storm Chasers.”

After leaving Discovery to focus on long-form content, Steinmetz began freelancing, and he’s expanded his client list to Verizon, Redbox Instant, and multiple US government agencies.

In his free time, Steinmetz enjoys snowboarding, watching movies, and spending time with his family and dachshund/pug mix, Barnaby.

Check out some of Steinmetz’ work below.

An Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America — In this documentary narrated by Steve Carell, Discovery Channel examines the struggles of families and individuals with life-threatening food allergies. Right now, there is no cure for the 15 million Americans affected by food allergies, but there is growing hope, as doctors and scientists work toward more effective treatment and a cure.

The Great Getaway — This branded entertainment series by Volkswagon profiles the Woods family, an energetic family of seven, as they tour the country in search of a fantastic family getaway. In the first episode, matriarch Michelle is stressed as she tries to get everything—and everyone—ready and organized for the trip.

Puppybowl: Gameday Revisted — To promote Animal Planet’s wildly popular “Puppy Bowl,” these fun, recap videos create a fictitious take on the events of past-year “Puppy Bowls,” with over-the-top dramatics, music, and graphics.

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