• September 2013

The Most Important Lesson Learned From Being an Inkandescent Intern

What did our Inkandescent Interns learn during their Summer 2013 internship?

Established to create opportunities for college and grad students, and career changers, each semester our paid interns include high school and college students who gain hands-on experience and invaluable opportunities to learn about PR, marketing, and building a business.

Were we successful?

Scroll down to find our what our interns think. And click here to send us an email to let us know that you’d like to participate in our fall 2013 program.

Rachel Biderman says: Working as an Inkandescent intern taught me not only about my present but also about my future. My time with The Inkandescent Group has given me invaluable experience; I learned everything from the basics of deadlines and meetings to the importance of details in website coding. The Inkandescent team helped me work both independently and collaborate as a team, and I now know the importance of both—and when to differentiate between them. I am certain that the experience, tasks, and connections I have made through this program will serve as stepping-stones for the continuation of my education, and later, career.

Rachel is now a senior at James Madison High School in Vienna, VA. Following her high school graduation in May of 2014, she hopes to pursue the social sciences in higher education, and perhaps major in Communications or Law.

Lysa Diarra says: Being part of the Inkandescent Internship team this summer has truly been a great and rewarding experience. From starting out with small tasks, I learned how different aspects of the company all come together and amplify each other. I greatly enjoyed working side by side with other interns and learning the ropes of the company straight from its founder. From my work on the Inkandescent Networking site, I was not only able to learn how to manage the site, but also the importance of work ethic when following up on initial posts. From working on the site I also learned useful website coding that will surely be beneficial to me in the future. This experience has shown me how hard work, along with determination and a good philosophy, can lead me to great success in all my future endeavors.

Lysa is a junior at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, VA. She is pursuing an International Baccalaureate Diploma. She enjoys studying different cultures and ideas, and taking on new challenges.

Shoshana Levenson says: Working with Inkandescent PR this summer has given me a great introduction to the world of public relations. Each team meeting has emphasized the significance of attention to detail on everything from webpage design to the wording of a pamphlet. The one lesson that really stood out to me was the importance of having a message that you stand behind. At Inkandescent, every decision is driven by the concept of “win-win-win,” which means that every party involved should ideally benefit from each action or effort. This goal is difficult to achieve, but the results are valuable to everyone. The concept of win-win-win might complicate the job of reaching your goals, but when you finally achieve them it will be so rewarding. This lesson does not just apply to my Inkandescent Internship; it is an insight that will inspire me to have the greatest impact with all of my efforts far into the future.

Shoshi is a sophomore at Walt Whitman High School in Fairfax, VA. She is interested in human psychology, writing, social media, and communication. She enjoyed working as a summer intern at Inkandescent Public Relations, and learning about the public relations field.

Molly Norrbom says: An internship involves both taking initiative and being flexible. It is important to see the larger picture: how you as a person fit into the group of workers, and how your execution of assignments impacts the work done by others and the overall progress of the business. During my time in the internship program at Inkandescent, I was able to learn a lot about the specifics of everyday affairs and to get a glimpse of the future plans and possibilities of the business.

From my work as a copy editor, I learned how to balance my feedback; following Kathleen’s lead, I was able to provide constructive corrections and suggestions while respecting a writer’s voice and intent. I also learned the basics of Textpattern—how to upload pictures, make edits, and just find my way around the Content Management System.

Through doing research for the Speakers Bureau database, I was lucky enough to see a program during an exciting stage of early growth. I found the experience very valuable, because I could see how my research contributed to Inkandescent’s plan to expand the Speakers Bureau program.

Simply by being a part of the Inkandescent team, exploring the websites, and talking to Hope, I witnessed the success that comes from determination, efficiency, good people skills, and Hope’s philosophy of having everyone win.

Molly is a junior at the College of William and Mary. She is majoring in English and Linguistics and is considering the field of literary publishing. This summer, Molly assisted Kathleen McCarthy with copyediting articles on our monthly business magazine, BeInkandescent.com, as well as helping with research.

Lianne Provenzano says: Interning this summer showed me that even the smallest of jobs within a business deserves hard work and effort. What may appear to be just another project may turn out to be the background for presentations for years to come. When you work hard to help out, whether you are paid or not, you establish yourself as a worthy and reliable employee, deserving of future opportunities.

Lianne is a first year at the University of Virginia. After graduating from James Madison High School with an Advanced Diploma, she will pursue a bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts and Sciences at UVA. She is interested in all aspects of design and publishing.

About the Inkandescent Internship Program

The Program: Based on an eight-week curriculum created to teach interns the basics of PR and marketing, students learn to do research, program and upload data to our websites, write press releases, create media lists, reach out to the media, and develop effective strategies for our clients. The internship ends with an evaluation, and letter of recommendation.

The Commitment: The eight-week internship program includes weekly assignments and assessment, bi-weekly conference calls, and monthly in-person meetings with staff.

The Benefits: Because our curriculum is designed to have interns learn, and master, the basics of PR, marketing, and business strategy, our interns report that they learn more than expected, and have the opportunity to try their hand in the PR and marketing field in an insightful and effective manner. In fact, we have hired several interns to work as editorial assistants at the end of the program.

Would you like to become an Inkandescent Intern? Send us an email: hope@inkandescentpr.com.