• July 2013

My Wild Ride of Entrepreneurship

By Andrea Keating
Founder and CEO
Crews Control

Being an entrepreneur has very high highs—and very low lows. I learned early on to build a company you believe in with all your heart and soul, and don’t take personally the business ups and downs. You are not a better person when business is good—or a horrible person when business is down. Stay true to your core.

So take a page from my playbook, and try these three strategies that I have learned over the years. They have kept me steady, and I hope they’ll help you, too.

1. Ask your team members for their opinions on major decisions. You didn’t build your business alone, so ask your key employees for their take on a business decision. They can probably provide insight from a different perspective.

2. Work hard—but be sure to allow time for play. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary, and the entire in-office team is going to Jamaica for some blue sky thinking, teambuilding and celebrating. Whether it’s a celebratory trip, a toast with a bottle of bubbly for a big win, or a surprise visit from an ice cream truck on the first day of spring, don’t forget to celebrate.

3. If you can, sleep on it. A fresh perspective allows you to make a better decision about anything in life.

What’s my biggest take-away? People will surprise you more often than not. They will go above and beyond and deliver beyond your expectations. The reason is simple. People take pride in their work. So always hire the smartest people you can find—and then give them the freedom and trust to make your company grow faster and better than you imagined.

Here’s my parting thought for all you entrepreneurs: If you think it’s a good idea, just go for it. Don’t second guess yourself or allow someone else to beat you to the start; the regret of a missed opportunity hurts more than the sting of a failure.

Andrea Keating founded the nation’s first film-and-video-crew staffing agency, Crews Control, in 1988. Since then, the company has become a multimillion-dollar international firm that provides video production crews and related services to the corporate media market.

With 250 of the global Fortune 500 companies as clients, and more than 2,000 video crews on its roster, Keating’s focus today is the same one that she launched the business with nearly 25 years ago: To match each client with the best local crew for each specific shoot.

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping new companies grow and develop, she has helped launch several businesses including the media staffing and production management firm, TeamPeople, and Scenios, where she is on the board of directors.

She also sits on the board of advisors for the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship in the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, which is her alma mater.

To contact Andrea, send her an email at andrea@crewscontrol.com.